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Flour Delivery Fine for Haulier

Sussex Transport delivers goods up and down the UK and is well aware of the perils and pitfalls of illegally parking up to make deliveries.  This week a story came to light which reminds us of remaining vigilant when delivering goods…

A trucker who parked up in Tilbury, Essex to make a delivery of flour was fined £1,200 by a clamper who threatened to increase the fee by £100 per hour if the demand was not settled immediately.

Clive Warcup, the haulier whose company was hit with the charge, said the clamper threatened to increase the fee by £100 for each hour they had to wait,
“We’ve been clamped before – £250 on motorway services. That sort of amount you put down to experience – it isn’t worth the fight,” he said.
“But this is outrageous. We dealt with the company from the office – we had half an hour soul-searching and paid up by credit card. At the end of the day, we had to move that load.”

A spokesman for the Road Haulage Association condemned the penalty. “We’re outraged,”
“The ‘No Parking’ sign was very small. It’s grossly unfair, especially as hauliers are working to the tightest possible margins and under tremendous pressure.”

The Protection of Freedom Bill, which is going through Parliament now, is expected to ban clamping on private land and to replace it with a ticketing regime.

Clamping on private land by private contractors will be outlawed under the Freedom Bill, which is currently before MPs.

South East Clamping and Associates, which clamped the lorry, refused to comment!

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