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Artic hiab load of Steel Work

This week we sent one of our artic hiabs to collect a full load of steel from Port Talbot destined for Chelmsford.

Our hiab drivers (like all HGV drivers) have a huge responsibility to keep their loads, themselves and all road users safe. So after being loaded by overhead crane, he strapped down and secured his load ready for onward journey to Chelmsford in Essex.

Our driver and the steel load arrived safely in Chelmsford and was expertly offloaded using our hiab by one of our many competent drivers.

Another successful delivery by Sussex Transport!!

Atic HIAB Wide load

A Sussex Transport Artic HIAB

Port Talbot Steelworks is an integrated steel production plant in Port Talbot, West Glamorgan, Wales.  Employing over 4,000 people at the plant it is capable of producing nearly 5 million tonnes of steel slab per annum, making it the larger of the two major steel plants in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. The majority of the slab is rolled on-site at Port Talbot and at the Newport Llanwern site to make a variety of steel strip products. The works covers a large area of land which dominates the south of the town with its two blast furnaces and steel production plant buildings being major landmarks visible from both the M4 motorway and the South Wales Line when passing through the town.

Essex has a somewhat varied and fascinating history… did you know that Chelmsford was once the capital of England if only for a few days when the seat of Government was temporarily moved to the town 600 years ago.  Not only that but five US presidents hailed from Essex? George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush….

Back to transport though…. If you have a heavy, awkward, fragile or bulky load that requires a HIAB or crane for lifting and moving then we are your team… whatever it is, wherever it is coming from or going to, we would be happy to help.

With our varied fleet of hiab vehicles we are able to move boats, cabins, anti-vandal units, containers, signage, bricks/blocks, industrial machinery etc etc… the list is endless!

If you need help or advise with your transport needs just pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport, we can then discuss your requirements in further detail and the best way forward for you…

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