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Artic Transport from or to Somerset, Devon

We at Sussex Transport have a lot of clients who regularly require our transportation services to move their goods to all areas within the United Kingdom, early next week we have received instructions on behalf of one of these clients (who specialises in producing extruded aluminium panels in a wide range of finishes – including powder-coated, anodising and pre-coated) to collect a full artic curtain-sided trailer load of these panels from West Sussex and deliver the same day to site addresses in both Exeter and Dartmouth.

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Because of the nature of these specialist fabrications and their finishes, not only are these
panels extremely heavy but also extremely fragile so we need to make sure that our drivers are extra careful when loading and securing these panels onto their vehicle whilst being extra vigilant not to over tighten the restraining straps over the panels as this could cause the panels to buckle and bend which will ultimately make them unfit for purpose… if the drivers hadn’t have been trained properly this would be a very costly mistake to make!!…

Not something Sussex Transport have to worry about as all our drivers have been trained accordingly by experts in our own training division.

A few facts about Exeter our first delivery point.

  1. Exeter roads are over 50% safer than the rest of the country…. This will surely appeal to the driver who has been allocated with this delivery!
  2. #Exeter tweets can reach over 67 thousand accounts.
  3. Over 13,000 people claim to ‘Love Exeter’ on Facebook.
  4. Famous people that come from Exeter include: JK Rowling, Tommy Cooper, Chris Martin, William Temple and Joss Stone.
  5. Homes built in Exeter are now six times more energy-efficient than when a home was built in 1900… and this is partially the reason why we are delivering this bespoke load.

Now a few facts about Dartmouth our second delivery point.

  1. The Britannia Royal Naval College is where the Queen aged 13 had her first (publicised) date with Prince Philip aged 18… where it all began for them.
  2.  Dartmouth born Rev. John Russell is recorded to be the dog breeder who bred the Jack Russell.
  3. Dartmouth also has links to famous people.. Greenway Estate was the holiday home of
    Agatha Christie and prior to this the estate was home to Sir Humphrey Gilbert, a pioneer and his better-known half brother Sir Walter Raleigh most famously known for bringing potatoes and tobacco to Britain.

So whether you want to transport aluminium panels, potatoes or anything else come to that and whether it’s to places of interest or not we are here for you with a vehicle to suit your every need. Don’t delay pick up the phone today and call Sussex Transport, we can take the heat out of any stressful situation and arrange everything for you from start to finish.

Call us now on 0800 915 23 23 or fill in one of our contact forms…

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