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Artic Delivery to home of Beer & Marmite Perfume!

Sussex Transport makes deliveries up and down the UK for many famous brand names, as well as smaller businesses and individuals.  Every job we do is important to us. You can expect our uniformed drivers to be polite and knowledgeable and our office staff to answer any queries efficiently.

Last month, Sussex Transport made a delivery of building materials to Boots the Chemist in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire.

Burton-on-Trent is known to have a distinct smell in the air – of ale! This is as a result of the surrounding hops fields – and has inspired one local business woman to create a new perfume called “Eau-de-Burton”.

Despite smelling of leather and Branston pickle, Victoria Brookes believes she can sell the fragrance at £36.50 per bottle in the run up to Christmas.

She said: “Burton is known for its smell but not always in a good way. But the perfume smells really good – I have had lots of compliments from people.

“It is made up of Gourmand, representing Marmite and Branston Pickle, which were invented in Burton.

“It also has leather, representing the boots and footballs used at Burton Albion and Ambra, inspired by amber nectar, the beer which made Burton famous worldwide.

“Normally you make a perfume from smell but we created Eau-de-Burton from the idea of the smells that make up the town.

Not sure Boots will be stocking this one… but might make good stocking filler for Burton-on-Trent boys!!

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