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Moving fragile goods? Need a secure transport service? Sussex Transport makes regular secure deliveries of fragile and high value goods across the UK and Europe.

Last week we delivered 4 crates of solar tubes in one of our 7.5t trucks to Angus in Scotland.  This was a very fragile delivery which required care and attention at every stage of the journey.

Last month it was reported in the Angus local newspaper, ‘The Courier’ that a UFO had been spotted in Arbroath by a Mr Edward Cairney who took two pictures of a mysterious ‘hovering’ light in the sky above him.

He said: ”It was around sunset and at first I thought it was maybe just the moon shining in a strange way or something like that.”

He added: ”I was standing at the back window looking to the west towards Dundee. There were a couple of passenger planes in the sky and, as the sun set, there was a bit of an air passage towards the west.

”The planes were painted red by the sunshine but this thing wasn’t.  It was just so weird.”

A spokesman for RAF Leuchars confirmed there had been no activity in the area and nothing unusual had appeared on the radar.

After seeing the picture Matt Lyons, chairman of the British UFO Research Association, suggested a number of theories — including a streak on the camera lens — but said further analysis would be required.

Last year Angus residents celebrated the Year of the Light – a 12-month celebration of one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Built by Robert Stevenson and completed in 1811, the Bell Rock Lighthouse has saved thousands of lives over the last two centuries by alerting vessels to the deadly rocks lying just below the surface of the water 11 miles out fromArbroathHarbour.

The bicentenary celebrations centre on the town of Arbroath, home to many of the early 19th century tradesmen, labourers and engineers who were involved in the four-year construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the lighthouse keepers who manned it.

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