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Arctic Terns and Artic Return Loads

Sussex Transport make regular return trips to Scotland on behalf of clients – and so far this month we have made several return journeys in one of our Artic trucks.

A new report just out, states that in Scotland, the number of seabirds has declined quite dramatically.  There’s been a 53% drop in the last 25 years! In particular the number of Arctic Terns has dropped by 73%

So what’s causing the dramatic decline of this species you ask?

The continuing decreases have been linked to a range of factors such as food shortages and weather conditions.  The number of small fish, which are an important food source for many seabirds, may have fallen. These fish are probably being affected by rising sea temperatures because of climate change, as well as other factors.

The Arctic Tern is famous for its migration; it flies from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back again each year. This 12,000 mile journey each way ensures that the bird sees two summers per year and more daylight than any other creature on the planet!

One example of this bird’s remarkable long-distance flying abilities involves one particular Arctic Tern from the Farne Islands in Northumberland in late summer 1982, which reached Melbourne, Australia, in October 1982, a sea journey of over 14,000 in just three months from leaving the nest as a baby!

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