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Last week Sussex Transport made a dedicated delivery to Romania on behalf of a client.

Alexandria is the capital city of the Teleorman County, Romania. It is located south-west of Bucharest, towards the Bulgarian border in the Danube floodplain. This week sees Romania in the news with a Moon walking politician whose political blog has seen a surge in traffic since his Michael Jackson inspired moves on a television show!  40 year old Edmond Talmacean has inspired national headlines in Romania as he showed off his dance skills and even managed to get other guests to join in.  He was also seen doing impersonations of late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Mr Talmacean said that dancing and “having fun” were a good way to engage with the younger generation. Party leaders did not see the funny side, however and have ordered him to tone down!
Despite the official disapproval, traffic to his political blog has soared, boosting it from 49th most viewed to the seventh most read in just two weeks.
Talmacean has now promised to keep a low profile until party elections next month but says he has no regrets.
“I danced, I sang. These are the qualities of the Romanian people,” he said.

Not restricted to deliveries in the UK – Sussex Transport offer haulage solutions worldwide to meet business needs, and although can not promise dancing drivers – can assure a friendly and professional service at all times!