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Air Freight to India

Last week, Sussex Transport made an Air Freight delivery of goods to Haryana in India.
Whilst it is normal to expect monsoon rains from June to September, which are vital for India’s agriculture, this year the monsoon rains have forced more 200,000 people from their homes in northeast India and neighbouring Nepal, and killed almost 80 people.
Two days of incessant rains have inundated hundreds of villages and forced residents to seek refuge on higher ground. Hundreds also remain stranded.
Last year, flooding in the state left over 1.5 million people homeless and over 500,000 hectares of crops damaged.  More than 18 million people in Pakistan were hit by floods and one-fifth of the country – an area the size of Italy – was submerged in one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent times.
Sussex Transport make frequent deliveries worldwide now, thanks to a thriving freight business.