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Aa CardThe AA spent quite a while labeling themselves as the 4th Emergency service. That particular claim seems to have diminished [maybe] due to some other Emergency Services getting the hump.

*Coastguards, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue.  There are plenty of heroes who could stake that claim.

But we know where the AA were coming from. Quite often our drivers and teams are hit with statements like “you’ve saved my life”, “you’re my hero”, “you guys and girls are amazing”.

It’s nice to feel like a hero sometimes and it’s great for our clients to view us as a firm that can get you out of a bind, or just be plain great at making something happen.

In this case, we visited Chichester Fire Station. Home of many of our home counties Heroic Firefighters to deliver, lift in, and install a new Air conditioning unit. Almost impossible to get into position without a crane, we were able to combine the delivery and positional lift into one job, saving the supplier and the onsite team both time, money, and the hassle of having to hire equipment in.  Take a look at the images below.

Some of you may be reading this because instead of heroes, you want to know more about air cooling and heating and what we were lifting in.  If so, then you could hop over to the Midea page to find out more about the unit that is going to help keep Chichester Fire Station warm this winter, and cool next summer.

For now at least, we fancy the title of 5th Emergency Service, at least while we work out if we’re going to get a letter from the AA (or someone else) if we stake a claim for 4th place.  In truth, we’d be happy with 10th 😉

Either way.  If you’ve got something you would like delivered, transported, and or lifted into position then we’d love to hear from you. Simply call our experts on 0800 915 23 23  or complete our Lifting & Hiab quote form.

Chichester Fire Station Lift

Chichester Fire Station Lift 2

Chichester Fire Station Lift 3

Chichester Fire Station Lift 4