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We’ve talked a lot about Contract Lifts recently – and this job (which required a lot of planning) led to an offload and store job in Ford West Sussex, with ongoing transport and offload in Berkshire.

Aside from getting the job done correctly without damage a contract lift really ensures clients, customers, products and the public remain safe during the operation.  Something you simply mustn’t overlook when operating this type of equipment and lifting potentially fatal items.

The lifting industry has changed dramatically over the last decade and we are extremely proud of the fact that we sit at the forefront of quality and compliance in lifting operations.  This was no exception

Contract Lifting in Sussex

Our client required Sussex transport to offload and store four 13.5mtr long 17ton Air Handling units (AHU’s) for a new data centre located in Berkshire.

The project required us to plan the offload utilising a 130ton Mobile crane, specialised lifting accessories to prevent damage to the units and qualified personnel.

Air Handling Units Crane Lifting & Transport

We stored the units in a secure facility in West Sussex until they were required on site in Berkshire. We planned again for the onward journey utilising the same capacity mobile crane, lifting accessories, and personnel, but now also 4 flatbed artics from our transport division.

Contract Lift Ford Berkshire

If you have a contract lift in Sussex or Berkshire or anywhere else for that matter give us a shout today to discuss your project – we’d be happy to help – It’s very much our thing.

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