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Worthwhile Cause in Mombassa

Education is seen as a privilege in Kenya and was reserved, until recently, for the wealthy families. It is essential for volunteers to help within these schools, to give kids the opportunity to learn and to gain an education they deserve.

Although the Kenyan Government have made education free in the country, there is still a lack of resources and therefore schools are asking students for money to help support the teachers.  There are many ways volunteers are excelling in these areas by using their enthusiasm and experience to help change the lives of the children they are teaching. Many of these schools are based in poor, deprived areas of the city and require urgent assistance from volunteers.

How about sponsoring a pupil of St Andrews School for Boys in Worthing, West Sussex by making a donation to their funding – sending students to Victory Frere Town School to assist with teaching lessons to the pupils in Kenya for two weeks?


A life changing opportunity for the students of St Andrews as well as essential help for the children in Kenya – we are happy to be able to help this very worthy cause.

Victory Frere Town School is situated in the heart of Frere Town; a large slum that lies to the north of Mombasa Island. The school, which opened its doors in 2009, educates and provides a stable, nurturing community for more than 200 children from the surrounding area.

The school is unique in that it takes under its wing children from very poor families or those without any family at all. Few are able to meet the cost of their school fees, let alone the cost of school uniform and the necessary textbooks.

That’s why the sponsors help to support these children – their money helps pay for their education, gives them access to healthcare and a substantial meal each day they are at school
Thanks to the ongoing support of St Andrew’s School, Worthing, Friends of Mombassa Children have been able to dig out a well at Victory School.

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To make a raffle donation, cash donation or have your company name printed on their t shirts, contact Miss Riggs at St Andrews School at