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Reminder Delivered to London’s Trafalgar Square

lion2It’s a jungle out there, which is why we were selected from other hauliers to provide a professional, value for money service for a brand new client last week.

It’s Big Cat Week on National Geographic TV Channel this week, and in celebration of this, we were asked to deliver a giant statue of a lion to Trafalgar Square in London.  The lion was in position for 6 hours to highlight the plight of the Lion – the theme being ‘Time is Running Out’

According to their website the lion was commissioned by Nat Geo Wild and is to be auctioned to raise money for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

The gaunt frame, torn hide, and wide, harrowed eyes of the Lion give a drastically different impression to the steady, powerful look of the famous Landseer Lions around him.

The temporary statue was built entirely from clockwork mechanics, representing how time is running out for many big cats. It joined the four famous bronze lions which have been based in Trafalgar Square since 1867.

For every ten lions on the planet 100 years ago, only one roams free today, which really puts the issue into perspective.

Our client were delighted with the job we carried out for them saying afterwards, ‘’ I just wanted to thank you guys for providing transport for our prop yesterday. Andy has been very punctual and incredibly helpful, we’ll definitely call you again in the future!’’

We look forward to working with them in the future on more exciting projects!

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