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Factory Relocation to Birmingham

At Sussex Transport, we take pride in our expertise in complex logistics, machinery and factory relocation services. Recently, we embarked on a challenging yet successful factory relocation project, moving machinery and equipment from the picturesque village of Ditchling, near Brighton, to the bustling city of Birmingham. This venture not only showcased our capabilities but also highlighted the importance of meticulous planning and the right equipment for such endeavours.

factory move ditchling to birmingham

Reviewing the Scene in Ditchling

Before any relocation, our team conducted thorough site assessments to evaluate equipment types, lifting options, and logistics. Ditchling, with its idyllic setting in the South Downs National Park, could well have posed its own unique challenges with access but this time round we were ok. The machinery at the Ditchling facility needed to be carefully handled and transported to ensure a smooth transition and limit downtime.

Our lifting team, with their extensive experience, meticulously reviewed the site and machinery to help us choose the most suitable equipment and strategies to load everything onto our vehicles for the journey to Birmingham.

The Chosen Vehicles: Rear Mounted Crane Truck with Trailer and 18t Rigid

For this demanding relocation, we opted for two of our trusted vehicles: a rear mounted crane vehicle with a trailer (for extra space and payload) and an 18-ton rigid truck. These choices ensured the safe and efficient relocation of the factory’s valuable equipment.

Ditchling: A Scenic Escape

Ditchling, nestled in the picturesque South Downs, is known for its stunning landscapes and historic charm, it offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and rich heritage dotted with centuries-old cottages and traditional English gardens.  Not usually associated with a facility like our clients, but trust us, they are there.

Birmingham: The Heart of Industry

In stark contrast to Ditchling’s rural tranquillity, Birmingham is a bustling metropolis renowned for its industrial heritage. As we arrived in this vibrant city, we were reminded of the pivotal role it has played in shaping the manufacturing landscape of the United Kingdom.

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This successful factory relocation from Ditchling to Birmingham exemplifies our commitment to excellence in logistics and relocation services. Whether you’re planning a factory move, equipment transfer, or any other logistical challenge, our expert team is here to assist you.

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