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Dunnage Bags Delivery from Dunwich

Fragile, valuable loads are regularly moved by family run haulage business Sussex Transport based in Lancing, near Brighton.  With a large fleet of vehicles ranging from a small Sprinter van right through to Artics and everything in between, we have the capability to ensure your goods are transported safely and securely on the most suitable vehicle for the load.

Last month, we made a delivery of valuable goods from Dunwich in Suffolk, on one of Sprinter vans.   The items were carefully packed in the van using paper airbags known as Dunnage bags – for stability and to prevent damage or movement of the goods in transit.

Once one of England’s largest towns Dunwich was the capital of East Anglia 1500 years ago with 3,000 residents! It boasted six churches, 2 chapels, hospitals and prestigious buildings including a King’s Palace as well as a harbour full of merchant shipping.

On the East Anglian coast, most of Dunwich now lies beneath the North Sea, following years of coastal erosion and numerous severe storms.  Just a few houses, a pub and a museum remain – with approximately 120 residents

For the last two thousand years the coast line at Dunwich has receded on average one metre a year. In other words the sea shore is now two kilometres west of its position in Roman times

It is said that if, during stormy weather, you stand on the bleak stretch of beach where the city centre once stood, you can hear the bells of the churches ringing underwater.

In the museum in today’s Dunwich there is a magnificent model of the medieval town, as it might have appeared from the air in the twelfth century.  The position of the current shoreline is marked by yellow sticky tape, presumably chosen because it is easily removable.

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