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In the heart of West Sussex, a local company in Ford, near Arundel, is making significant strides in expanding its services. Known for its expertise in pub and bar fit-outs the team at GoldBarz decided to open a car and van repair garage when they realised they were spending quite a sum on their own van maintenance. But more recently the company has ventured into the MOT business. This expansion, while promising, presented a unique challenge: the need for additional space to accommodate the spares and returns for the beer industry, along with tyres and equipment for the car garage.

Enter our team – we like to think of ourselves as a solution-oriented transport provider , and the best news for GoldBarz was that one of our storage locations for our container division ST Containers is located just a stone’s throw away on Rudford Industrial Estate. Understanding the local company’s requirements, we supplied two 10 foot shipping containers from our local stocks, offering an innovative storage solution that addressed the space constraints effectively.

The delivery process was meticulously executed using a HIAB with a trailer ‘wag and drag,’ showcasing our capability in handling these fairly complex logistics tasks with ease. The containers were strategically positioned one on top of the other, maximising the available space and providing secure and accessible storage right outside the facility.

Paul from Goldbarz had the following to say

Paul - Goldbarz
When we decided to expand our services to include an MOT bay, we knew space would be a challenge. That’s where Sussex Transport stepped in with the perfect solution. The two shipping containers they provided have been a game-changer for us. Not only do they offer the secure and accessible storage we desperately needed, but their efficient delivery and placement have also made the entire process seamless. Having them positioned one on top of the other was a great suggestion that has worked perfectly for our setup. We couldn’t be happier with the service and support from Sussex Transport. Their understanding of our needs and their ability to deliver precisely what we required has been impressive. A big thank you to the Sussex Transport team for their outstanding service!