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A Barking Delivery to London

Sussex Transport can store and transport goods throughout the UK and Europe using their fleet of vehicles; from Sprinters, HIAB’s, Moffetts, 7.5t, 18t , curtain side and tail lift trucks.

Last week we made a dedicated delivery of goods to Barking in East London on one of our 7.5t trucks.

“Barking”, in English slang, is short for “barking mad“. Barking is sometimes thought to be the origin of the phrase. This is attributed to the alleged existence of a medieval hospital attached to Barking Abbey. However, the phrase is not medieval, and first appeared only in the 20th century. A more likely derivation is from comparing an insane person to a mad dog.

Want a dog that doesn’t drive you barking mad? The only breed for you would be the Basenji! A ‘’barkless’’ dog which is one of the most ancient canine breeds. Originating on the continent of Africa, basenji-like dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years. Dogs resembling modern Basenjis can be seen in drawings on the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, sitting at the feet of their masters, looking just as they do today, with pricked ears and tightly curled tails. Dogs of this type were originally kept for hunting small game.

In Los Angeles, USA, if you own a dog that keeps barking relentlessly you can expect to be fined £155 for a first offence, £311 for a second and £623 for a third if a Department of Animal Services hearing officer decides the pooch is barking too much!!

We’d love you to try our service next time you need a haulier to transport your goods. (But we won’t BEG!) Just give us a call on 01903 751100 or drop us an email at and mention where you got the LEAD from!