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Sussex Transport’s Slinger Signaller Training Course

In our previous posts about Slinger Signallers, we have looked at the definition of the role and also the benefits of gaining a qualification.

Sussex Transport runs training sessions for a number of positions within the construction or logistics trade, offering industry-recognised qualifications to help people succeed in their careers and keep people safe.

If becoming a Slinger Signaller is your ambition, we have listed five key facts about our training program, which should help you decide where and when to learn the ropes (hand signals).

1. Our Slinger Signaller Training Course Is On-site In Worthing

Some courses require you to travel to specific training centres across the UK.
If you’re local to West Sussex, you’ll be pleased to know that our courses are held at our Head Office in Worthing.

However, depending on your site suitability, we may even be able to arrange a training program at your place of work. You can find out more information from our training experts by calling 01903 791303 or emailing

2. Our Slinger Signaller Training Course Teaches Delegates About Crane Slinging

If you are looking for a course for general vehicle and plant marshalling on construction sites or loading areas where there are vehicle movements, you will need to take an alternative course.

Our Vehicle marshalling course information can be found here.

We also carry out dedicated mobile crane and lorry loader training courses.

3. Slinger Signaller Course Duration

Successfully gaining a slinger signaller qualification may mean you’ll need to take time away from your day job.

That’s why we recognise the need to balance thorough training with the practicalities of everyday life.

Depending on your experience, our slinger signaller training courses last anywhere from one to three days, meaning you can be back to work in no time.

4. Slinger Signaller Qualifications

Our Slinger Signaller training courses offer three different types of qualifications:

– Sussex Transport | Training Division certification

Whichever you choose to take, you can rest assured that your current and any future employers will recognise your qualification as a signal of your aptitude and skills acquirement.

5. Your Slinger Signaller Credentials Will Last For Years

Like any skill – especially one that helps oversee the health and safety of others – it is vital to keep up the momentum and ensure that you are maintaining the industry’s best standards.

That’s why, on completion, you will be provided with a certification and photo ID card, which will last up to five years. After that, a refresher course is recommended to ensure you’re up to date with the latest Slinger Signaller skills and knowledge.

Find out more about Slinger Signaller Training. Alternatively, call now on 01903 791303 or email