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Carpets Delivered in Curtain

Sussex Transport made a dedicated delivery of 12 pallets of carpet tiles on one of their fleet of curtain side vehicles last week.

Headed for Hatfield, after collecting the load from Milton Keynes, the pallets were offloaded with a moffett.

In March 2009, an ancient Persian rug sold at Sotheby’s for a record breaking £3.38m. The Pearl Carpet of Baroda dates back to the 1860’s. ..You’d think at that price, it should be able to fly!

The largest hand made carpet in the world has a surface of 60,546 square feet (5,625 square meters), and is the size of a football pitch. It was woven by 1,200 weavers in three villages over 18 months. The giant carpet was ordered for a monumental new mosque under construction  in the United Arab Emirates.


And if carpet isn’t your thing – why not consider tiles for your new home? If you’re re-modelling your mansion and want your floor to have all the elegance of a royal palace, it would be hard to think of a tile more suitable than Pietra Firma’s LuxTouch, the most expensive tile in the world. Every ten square feet of LuxTouch tiles costs over £620,000!
Sussex Transport would be happy to make a dedicated delivery of your diamond encrusted tiles, flying carpet, or antique rug!   Please feel free to request a quote!