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When it comes to reliable and efficient low-loader transport solutions, Sussex Transport stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless transportation of heavy plant, equipment, and machinery. 

With a commitment to excellence, a bespoke fleet of Artic and Artic HIAB low loaders, and a team of highly skilled professionals, we specialise in transporting heavy plant machinery, equipment, and oversized cargo efficiently and safely. 
Discover how Sussex Transport can streamline your transportation requirements, ensuring your valuable assets' secure and timely delivery.

What Is A Low Loader?

A low loader, also known as a low loader lorry or low loader truck, is a specialised vehicle designed for transporting oversized and heavy cargo. 
Their unique construction, with a significantly lower deck height, sets low loaders apart compared to standard trailers. 
This design allows for the easy loading and transportation of large and cumbersome equipment, machinery, and other substantial loads. 
Sussex Transport takes low loader transport to the next level with our Artic and Artic HIAB low loaders and specialist trailers.

Benefits Of Low Loader Haulage

Low loader haulage offers numerous benefits for businesses in need of efficient transportation solutions. 
Here are some key advantages:
  • Versatility: Low loaders can accommodate a wide range of heavy cargo, including plant machinery, industrial equipment, and oversized loads, making them suitable for various industries.
  • Ease of Loading: Thanks to features like flip toe hydraulic ramps, loading and unloading are hassle-free, reducing downtime and ensuring efficient operations. 
  • Non-Mobile Recovery: Our trailer-mounted winch is perfect for non-mobile recovery of plant equipment, providing an extra layer of flexibility and reliability.
  • HIAB Crane: Sussex Transport's low loader fleet includes HIAB crane-equipped options, allowing for precise and efficient lifting and placement of heavy loads.
  • Step Frame: Our step frame configurations cater to various load sizes and types, ensuring we can meet your unique transportation needs.

Why Choose Sussex Transport For Your Low Loader Requirements?

When you choose Sussex Transport for your low loader haulage needs, you're selecting a partner dedicated to excellence and reliability. 
Here's why we stand out:

Custom-Built Trailers

Our Artic and Artic HIAB low loader and trailer combinations are bespoke to Sussex Transport, co-designed in collaboration with Nooteboom. This means you get tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Real-Time Tracking

We utilise cutting-edge fleet management technology to provide real-time tracking of our vehicles. This ensures that you always know the status and location of your cargo.

Rigorous Maintenance

All Sussex Transport vehicles undergo rigorous maintenance to ensure they are in top condition, guaranteeing the safety and security of your valuable cargo.

Professional Drivers

Our fully uniformed drivers are always highly proficient, professional, and courteous. They have the expertise needed to handle your cargo with care and precision.

Contact Us

Whether you have enquiries, require a quote, or need tailored advice on transporting heavy machinery and equipment, our dedicated team is here to assist you. 
Contact us today via phone at 01903 751100 or email us at

A Selection Of Our Low Loader Trucks And Lorries

At Sussex Transport, we offer a range of low loader trucks and lorries to suit your unique transportation needs. 
Our diverse fleet includes various configurations, such as step frames, extending trailers, hiab crane-equipped options, and more. 
With our vehicles, you can confidently transport heavy machinery, equipment, and oversized loads, knowing that your cargo is in capable hands.
Low Loader Sussex Transport
Artic Hiab Concrete Slab And Spreader Beam
Low Loader In Sussex Yard
Low Loader Tail
Low Loader Trailers
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Artic HIAB Seafront
Brighton Marina Lock Gates Lifting
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Low Loader Sussex
Low Loader Sussex Transport
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