Sussex Transport Make A Delivery to Berlin! Could we Take Your Breath Away?!

Family run Transport and Warehouse Storage & Pick and Pack company, Sussex Transport, often deliver to  European destinations as well as worldwide!

This week we were asked to deliver some goods for a customer to Berlin in Germany.

Berlin is home to The Berlin Zoological Garden which is the oldest and best known zoo in Germany

Founded in 1844 it covers 84 acres and houses more than 17,500 animals!  The zoo presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

Having had almsot 3 million visitors in 2011, it is considered to be the most visited zoo in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide.

During World War II, the zoo area was completely destroyed and only 91 of 3,715 animals survived, including two lions, two hyenas, an elephant, a hippo,  ten baboons, a chimpanzee and a black stork.

The polar bear Knut was born in at the Zoo in 2006. Rejected by his mother at birth, he was raised by zookeepers and became the center of a media phenomenon that spanned the globe, quickly spawning numerous toys, DVDs, and books. Because of this, the cub was largely responsible for a significant increase in revenue, estimated at about five million euros, at the Berlin Zoo in 2007. Zoo attendance figures for the year increased by an estimated 30 percent making it the most profitable year in its 165-year history.

Poor Knut died on 19 March 2011 after collapsing in his enclosure with a heart attack.  There was an outpouring of grief by fans of the polar bear they had grown to love…

ON a happier note a female puma cub named Missoula has recently been shown off to the public at Berlin’s Tierpark zoo.
It’s the first time a puma at this zoo has successfully given birth to a cub in 22 years!

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