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We’ve had a little flurry of activity recently in the world of woodworking as two local companies contracted us in to carry out some machinery moves for them.

One client has expanded operations at their current site but needed 4 machines purchased online to be collected, delivered and lifted into the factory using our hiab crane.

The 4 machines weighing somewhere between 500kg to 1400kg were loaded onto one of our 18t rigid trucks by the used machinery supplier in Yorkshire and brought down to West Sussex.  We were able to tie the run down from Yorkshire in with a run up to Scotland – great news for both clients as savings were made on both journeys.

When the vehicle arrived in West Sussex one of our hiab cranes was on hand to lift off and place the machines down safely just inside the factory door for the team to move into position.

The second client who has seen a large increase in demand for its products during the boom in extensions and house renovations asked us to help move part of there operation to a newly refurbished second site.  Again a combination of hiab crane lorry loaders and rigid vehicles were able to make the machinery moves quickly and efficiently.  Minimising downtime for the client.

Needless to say, our planners and our marketing team have learnt a little more about how many types of industrial machine there are for the art of woodworking.

Here is a little list of industrial wood working machinery
(Do tell us if we’ve missed any)

CNC Routers
Corner Locking Machines
Cramps & Clamps
Crosscut Saws
Door Casing Jointing Machines
Dust Extractors
Glazing Bars
Guillotines & Notchers
Mitre Saws
Moulders & 4 Siders
Multi Drill
Multi Ripsaw
Planers Thicknessers
Pocket Hole Drills
Power Feed Units
Profile Grinders
Spindle Moulders
Surface Planers
Trenching Machines
Wallsaws / Vertical Panelsaws
Wide Belt Sanding Machines
Wood Burners & Heaters
Wood Welders

Needless to say, if you’ve got any of these to transport and need some logistical expertise and assistance then give our team a call on 0800 915 23 23, email us or complete our lifting or contact forms for a quote.


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