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How much did Shaun by the Sea Auction Raise?

As a proud sponsor and partner of the “Shaun by the Sea” art trail and auction, Sussex Transport is thrilled to share the highlights of this phenomenal event that not only showcased incredible art but also supported a noble cause.

Event Overview: The “Shaun by the Sea” art trail, an initiative to support the Martlets hospice charity, transformed Brighton into a vibrant art gallery. Over 40 uniquely designed Shaun the Sheep sculptures, including our own sponsored “Postman Shaun,” graced the city, attracting locals and visitors alike.

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The Grand Auction – 27th November 2023: The culmination of this artistic journey was the grand auction, a night of excitement and generosity. In total the Shauns sold for over £360,000 and in total the event raised an impressive £750,602, with each sculpture finding a new home. Our sponsored “Postman Shaun,” created by The Postman, fetched £4,600, contributing to this significant sum.

Auction Highlights:

  • “Shaun the Sheep” set the tone with a sale of £8,000.
  • “Bleats and Blossom” brought in £3,000.
  • “Briny,” a standout piece, was sold for a remarkable £11,500.
  • “Coaster” and “Sheeping Beauty” fetched £6,800 and £3,500, respectively.

Community Impact: This event was more than an art display; it was a celebration of community spirit and creativity. The funds raised will profoundly impact Martlets Hospice, supporting their invaluable work.

Our Role and Thanks: As sponsors, Sussex Transport is proud to have been a part of this journey. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the artists, organizers, and the community for their enthusiasm and support.

Conclusion: “Shaun by the Sea” was not just an art trail; it was a testament to the power of community and art coming together for a cause. Sussex Transport is honored to have played a role in this successful event and looks forward to future opportunities to support our community.

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