“Get me some water” – London Landmarks Half Marathon Lucozade / Drink / Water & Energy Bar Delivery

We love a local marathon.  Anything that encourages fitness, raises money and makes people smile is good in our book.

But often getting the fuel needed to successfully run 13 or 26 miles into some of the zones and streets is not all that simple.  Often taken for granted, the shifting of what is effectively tonnes of liquid and protein bars into the zones along seafronts (Brighton Marathon) or monuments (London etc..) isn’t a small task.

Our HIAB vehicles and our Moffett mounted vehicles are perfect for delivery and positioning of these weighty goodies which the runners truely deserve!

We carry out this operation at many marathons throughout the year and were very pleased this term when we did our first drops on the London Landmarks Half.

Sorry its taken a while to blog about it!

If you are a marathon organisor or a supplier to a running or sports event where fuel is needed for the athletes then please get in touch when you start discussing your logistic needs.

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