Delivering Bathrooms across Britain is no Inconvenience for Sussex Transport!

Bidets & Baths to Brighton… Sinks & Showers to Sevenoaks… Toilets & Taps to Tunbridge Wells … This month has seen Sussex Transport delivering bathrooms across The South East!
We are accustomed to delivering bathroom fixtures and fittings – it’s a ‘regular’ part of our day to day work and something we pride ourselves on doing well for one of our larger clients.

The most expensive toilet in the world? Well apart from the one in the International Space Station which cost £12m, the solid gold convenience in the solid gold bathroom in Hong Kong tips the price scales at £3m!  The bathroom, which can be found in a jewellery store, can be used by customers, provided they spend at least £100!
John Lennon’s toilet sold at auction for just under £10,000!

Looking to have a bathroom delivered / collected? Why not give us a tinkle on 01903 751100 or drop us an email at  and we’d be only too happy to give you a quote!

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