Dartford Crossing Toll Charge Increase Proposal


Since the construction of the Dartford Tunnel in 1963 and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge later in 1991, there has always been a ‘toll’ or a charge made to cross the River Dart.

Since 2008 the charge has remained static; motorbikes are free, Cars – £1.50 and multi axle goods – £3.70

However there is currently a consultation underway to increase the charges from late this year!

Proposed increases coming into effect would see an initial increase for cars to £2.00 and multi axle goods to £5.00.

There would then be a further increase in Spring 2012 for cars to £2.50 and Multi Axle goods to £6.00 – that’s a 62% increase in less than 2 years!

The rates are also increased for those who use the Dart-Tag charge

There are suggestions that in the event of high congestion or emergencies, the charges would be waived to prevent traffic build up at the pay points.

Sussex Transport regularly uses the Dartford crossing as we make dedicated deliveries up and down the UK on our fleet of HIAB, Artic, Flatbed, Curtain Side, 7.5t and sprinter vehicles.

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