A Backload from Wellingborough, Where the Men are up to Some Amazing Things!

Often when making a dedicated delivery on one of their fleet of HIAB, Moffett, 7.5t, 18t, artic or sprinter vans, family run Haulage Company Sussex Transport are travelling back to the depot with a potentially empty load. Backloads are cheaper to transport for our clients, so we often offer this service as we head back south.

Last week we made a dedicated delivery to Northants on one of our 7.5t trucks.  Once offloaded, we then made our way to Wellingborough where we collected more goods destined for a client in Sussex.

A Men’s club in Wellingborough has released its definitive guide to the top 40 things men should do before they reach the age of 40.

As men around the county start to think about making New Year’s resolutions, Wellingborough’s Round Table group has made a list of a wide range of activities.

The top 40 includes achievements from completing a bungee jump to more bizarre experiences like eating a whole scotch bonnet chilli.

Round Table vice-president Jason Thomson said: “The aim of the 40 things to do before you’re 40 list is to ensure that men in Wellingborough, and across the county, continue to aim high and accomplish some amazing things in their lifetime. Everything on the list is achievable.’’

We have listed half of the ‘things to achieve’ so you can make a start!!

  1. Order a vindaloo when you normally have a korma
  2. Grow a moustache
  3. Go clay pigeon shooting
  4. Test drive a super car
  5. Give blood or be an organ donor
  6. Participate in an event to challenge a ‘Guinness Book of Records’ title
  7. Learn how to snowboard
  8. Visit at least two of the Seven Wonders of the World
  9. Organise a beer festival
  10. Go tractor racing
  11. Turn up in fancy dress to a formal event
  12. Learn to give a good massage
  13. Go scuba diving
  14. Spend a night sleeping in the open air
  15. Be dragged behind a speedboat on something inflatable
  16. Turn up at the airport with a passport and luggage and catch a random flight
  17. Skydive
  18. Speak in front of a large audience. Sober.
  19. Climb a mountain to play tiddlywinks
  20. Build a raft

Want to know what the other 20 were? Email us HERE and we’ll send you the complete list!

If you need us to help you move that raft, transport your snowboard or store your inflatable… call us on 01903 751100 or email sales@sussextransport.com


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