Battery Replacement Transport and Disposal Management – UPS, Standby Power & Industrial Batteries

Working with the UPS and Standby Power Industry we have a wealth of experience in providing transport and disposal services tailored to your contracts whether it be decommissioning or full strip downs.

We know that your Industry works 24/7 and trying to get Yuasa or Enersys (to name but a few!) to deliver batteries straight to your site, at the time that you want, with a complete load, can be problematic. We know that if you have an emergency replacement with only 24 hours notice you may not be able to get the stock that you need. We know that you are juggling Engineers, SPC’, Labourers, Transport and your Customer to make sure everything goes smoothly. We know that your customers demand strict health and safety conditions on their sites. We know that your customers want confidence that their waste batteries are being disposed of with full compliance.

If you are looking for a service orientated and efficient way to facilitate your Battery Replacement Programmes then we have a full turnkey service to meet all of your needs.

How can we help?;
  • Receive deliveries from battery manufacturer’s on your behalf, check to make sure they have delivered everything that you need. We can also keep a stock of batteries for your emergency replacements.
  • Store and transport new batteries and accessories to a site of your choice, at a time convenient to you using our range of dedicated vehicles – 24/7
  • Take to site the ‘extras’ that you may need to meet your customer’s health and safety requirements i.e. Spill Kits, Battery Bags, Trolleys, First Aid Kits – The list is endless!
  • Wait on site or return at your request to collect the waste batteries with full compliance and consignment notes
  • Dispose of the batteries on your behalf
  • Offer a rebate for Lead Acid Batteries

Requests we deal with regularly:

‘’I have 15 Tonnes of new batteries that need to be delivered to a site which doesn’t have a forklift. They need to be there at 9am on Sunday. Can you wait on site and take the old batteries away too?’’

‘’I’m doing 3 months of UPS exchanges at various sites in London. The batteries only weight 300kgs but we will also need you to take to site some PPE and other safety equipment on each night. Also, can you wait on site and take away the old batteries?’’

‘’Can I deliver 42 Pallets of batteries to you for storage? Then I need them delivering 7 pallets at a time’’

‘’Time on site tonight has changed from midnight to 10pm – Is that ok?’’

‘’ I’m doing an emergency battery replacement tonight! Can you send a vehicle and what batteries do we have in stock that I can use?’’

‘’I need to check that we have enough connectors for tomorrows job – can you count them for me?’’

Our uniformed team is supplied with full PPE and hold CSCS cards, allowing access to all construction sites. Photographic I.D. is carried at all times to access secure, public, government and commercial buildings. Sussex Transport hold a Waste Carriers Licence and are members of the Road Haulage Association.

If you have a dedicated enquiry and would like a quote based on your exact requirements please fill in our short transport questionnaire. Risk assessments and method statements can be undertaken to ensure safety and best practice.

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