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Air Handling Units - Burgess Hill

Last week, our skilled lifting team executed an impressive delivery and installation job at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill, showcasing the versatility and precision of our HIAB vehicles. The task involved transporting and lifting air handling units, essential for upgrading the facility’s HVAC system.

Our fleet of specialised HIAB vehicles is designed to handle such intricate tasks. The operation required the units to be lifted over the top of the building, a feat that not only demonstrates the technical capabilities of our equipment but also the expertise of our operators. Each move was carefully planned and executed to ensure safety and efficiency, minimising disruption to the centre’s daily operations and roadways.

The images below, captured from the day offer a glimpse into the complexities involved in such operations. They illustrate the scale of the equipment and the careful manoeuvring required to position these substantial units accurately. These visuals are a testament to the hard work and precision that our team brings to every job.

This project at the Triangle Leisure Centre is just one example of how Sussex Transport supports the maintenance and enhancement of local community facilities. By ensuring that essential infrastructure components like these air handling units are installed correctly, we play a crucial role in helping institutions operate smoothly and efficiently.

We’re proud to share these moments from the field, highlighting our commitment to top-notch service and community support. Check out the gallery to see our team in action, delivering solutions that go above and beyond ordinary logistics.

For more information about our HIAB hire services and to see how we can assist with your specialised transport needs, please call us on 0800 915 23 23 / 01903 751100, email our team or scroll down to our contact form to contact us directly. At Sussex Transport, we’re more than just logistics; we’re a pivotal part of your project’s success.

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