COVID-19 Update and Status

Covid Update November 2020

Following the UK Government announcement on 31st Oct 2020 we would like to thank all our clients, partners, suppliers, and prospects for your continued loyalty and business throughout the pandemic, and at the same time confirm that we remain fully operational during the November / December lockdown period.

During the pandemic we made many changes of our own (see more below) to ensure we could support our varied client base during 2020 and beyond. We have also been a critical part of many changes made by our clients and as a result, have been able to adapt to the 'new normals' alongside you.

Our planning, sales and support teams are all equipped to work remotely where required, and our driving and warehouse operations remain in service (and most importantly staying safe and continuing to follow best practice).

If you have any questions about our Covid procedures and functions then please click here to contact our compliance team by email.

Sussex Transport Covid Statement Spring 2020

We would like to reassure all our customers that we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure minimal disruption to our services during the current Coronavirus pandemic, as well as taking steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and supporting our staff, industry and local community through the coming weeks.

We are continuing to operate all our usual services including all destinations across the UK until we are advised otherwise.  Any deliveries into mainland Europe will be advised/quoted based on advice at that given time.  We receive continuous updates from the Road Hauliers Association (RHA) and other trade bodies with information on border checks and freight movement restrictions so we can keep an eye on potential issues with your incoming goods.

How are we Preparing?

We are aware that disruption is likely across our industry, but we are working to ensure we have the necessary plans and procedures in place to ensure our operations can continue to run smoothly in the event of reduced staff levels.  Most of our staff have the ability and support to be able to work remotely if required, and are all fully aware of the current risks around this virus. We also have a multi-skilled workforce who can cover numerous roles within the business.

We will continue to ensure that all drivers are sufficiently aware and have the necessary equipment to maintain a high standard of hygiene to maximise the safety of all.  We will continually monitor any changes to advice and update them accordingly.

We have already implemented:

  • Deep cleaning of all offices and a process for deep cleaning continuously.
  • Hand Sanitiser is available at all entrances, Kitchens and bathrooms etc throughout the building
  • Issuing of Anti-microbial wipes & personal hand sanitiser to all staff and drivers with procedures in place for regularly self-cleaning PDA tablets after contact with customers. Also wiping down of vehicle surfaces and hand washing throughout the day.
  • Warehouse door staff are following a procedure to maintain good hygiene levels after all contact with incoming and outgoing delivery drivers.
  • 2 metres of separation between all staff and incoming personnel, no handshakes etc.
  • Safety Bulletins have been issued to staff regarding Coronavirus, its transmission and our Procedures. When the Government issues an update, this is communicated to staff in the same way.
  • Office staff have been setup so they can work from home where necessary.

We are closely following all Government and NHS advice on the current situation and will constantly review our own policies to ensure these are in line with the latest advice given.

Transit Times on Goods Incoming From Europe

At the moment the trade routes with Europe remain open, however, various checks are being carried out at many borders and we are starting to notice increased transit times with stock coming from the mainland. We expect these transit times to increase as more restrictions are put in place.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that additional lead time for the Mainland Europe – UK transit Is built into your projects so that end delivery dates to UK sites is not effected by the delay. 

Available Warehouse Space

We have had many customers asking about our storage capacity at the moment with a view to brining in a high volume of goods in the short term which can then  be called off from our UK warehouses throughout the coming months. Therefore, we currently have good warehouse capacity to ramp up your stock levels if you require and have 2 partner warehouses locally where we can overflow stock to – we currently have approximately 2000 pallet spaces, 27000sqft of internal floor space & 50000sqft of external floor space available across all our sites that can be made available.

Thank you for your understanding during this time, we will keep you updated with any information that we receive through our industry.


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