Shipping Container Storage – Sell, Rent, Supply, Deliver and Locate…

We at Sussex Transport are happy to report that we have added another string to our bow and are now in the business of being able to convert, sell, rent, deliver and position storage containers directly to you and your site or residence.

shipping container storage west sussex

A shipping container as we know it is a large reusable steel box used for intermodal shipments with the strength to withstand quite frankly hideous conditions out at sea… they are designed to be moved from one mode of transport to another without the need for unloading and reloading.  All the while, they keep their goods safe, secure and dry.

However to use a shipping container for its original use is just “so last year!!”, in fact they are no longer used merely to transport goods.  There has been an impressive creative expansion concerning these sturdy steel structures which has resulted in the development of numerous shipping containers being used for new, innovative and surprising architectural trends. Listed below are just a few of the weird and wonderful…

  1. Low Cost Housingshipping container sussex
  2. Retail Buildings
  3. Swimming Pools
  4. Portable Ablution Facilities (mobile toilets)
  5. Fire Training Facilities
  6. Office Containers
  7. Refrigeration Containers
  8. Storage Containers
  9. Bridges
  10. Pop up shops

So whatever use your container has, whether traditional or untraditional, we would like to be your “go to” container supplier…. we can sell you a storage container or rent you a container and then transport and locate it on-site for you. Wherever that may be.  We can even be your chosen partner in the initial conversion into something bespoke.

So pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport on 0800 915 23 23 – we can then discuss your requirements in further detail, alternatively, you can fill in one of our online contact forms and we will call you back.

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