Moving Air Conditioning Units – It’s a breeze for Sussex Transport!

Sussex Transport were recently asked by a client to collect and transport Air Conditioning units from Colchester and lift them onto the roof of a building in Bromley.  Using one of their HIAB vehicles made this a straight forward job which was completed with ease.

In addition to buildings, air conditioning can be used for many types of transportation — motor-cars and other land vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft.
Since 1902, air conditioning has been a predominantly safe method of cooling an area for comfort; however air conditioning has hit the headlines a few times over the last 40 years due to its connection with Legionnaires disease.

In April 1985, 175 patients were admitted to the District or Kingsmead Stafford  Hospitals with chest infection or pneumonia. A total of 28 people died. Medical diagnosis showed that Legionnaires’ disease was responsible and the immediate epidemiological investigation traced the source of the infection to the air-conditioning cooling tower on the roof of Stafford District Hospital.

In Los Angeles, CA , bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease was found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion  where scores of people became ill after attending a fundraiser in February.  123 people contracted a fever and at least one other symptom with 69 falling ill on the same day!

We would be pleased to offer you a quote for lifting heavy or cumbersome loads.  We have experience in moving hot tubs, fork lift vehicles, cabins, containers, temporary offices, classrooms, sheds, aircon units and even a few old rusty steam engines and train carriages!

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