Havant got a HIAB? Sussex Transport Deliver to Home of Natural Springs, Parchment and Dancing Bears!

HIAB & Driver hire from Sussex Transport makes light work of heavy, cumbersome loads.  This year we have delivered cabins, containers, Hot Tubs, Building materials, a cathedral Spire, a totem pole and many more obscure items – have a look through our blogs to see what else we have delivered!

Last week we made a dedicated delivery of a shipping container to Hampshire town, Havant.

The old centre of Havant is on a classic crossroad configuration, with the four streets being named North Street, East Street, South Street and West Street, and St Faith’s church at the crossing. At least one axis is a known Roman road.

There are several natural springs in the area and Havant also used to be the home of the premier parchment making facility in southern England which later became a glove making factory and leather processing plant. The Treaty of Versailles was written on Havant parchment.

Much of Havant was destroyed by fire in 1760, leaving only the church and the adjacent early 17th century cottages. The cottages are now known collectively as “The Old House at Home”, and are now used as a pub. It is claimed that the two main beams in the lounge bar were recovered from the Spanish Armada, and that the “Bear Post” within once had the last dancing bear in England tethered to it!

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