Common Carrier Dedicated to Delivering Cabins & Containers on a HIAB!

HIAB vehicles really come into their own when moving cabins and shipping containers.  The strong, extending crane can manoeuvre large objects over walls, fences or just plain awkward spaces with ease.

Last month Sussex Transport were asked to move a selection of cabins and containers from Charing in Kent to Chichester, West Sussex using their HIAB’s

Charing in Kent is home to comedian Vic Reeves – who is famous for his nonsensical catch phrases and wacky, obscure sense of humour…

‘’You wouldn’t let it lie.’’ ‘’About this time of the evening, I like to slip a Caramac under a rabbit.’’ ‘’True or false: Niagara Falls is turned off at night.’’ ‘’Always a pleasure, never a chore.’’ ‘’Macaulay Culkin is a child, but can you name an adult?’’ ‘’Uvavu’’ etc

It was Reeves’ idea to encourage guests on the quiz show  ‘’Shooting Stars’’ which he hosted with Bob Mortimer, to do foolish things: Jarvis Cocker had to throw Babybel mini-cheeses at a poster of Judy Finnigan and the Irish actress Dervla Kirwan had to don a huge ginger wig and crawl around catching mice in her hair! This off the wall humour was what made the show so popular!

Do you have a cabin or a container that needs moving? Why not see how our HIAB fleet can help you – call us on 01903 751100 or email  It will always be a pleasure to help you – never a chore!

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