Collecting from Chesterfield on a Luton & Delivering back to Lancing!

Sussex Transport offer a collection and delivery service, as well as storage and a pick and pack solution from their large, secure warehouse in Sussex.

Last week we sent one of our drivers and a Luton van off to Chesterfield in Derbyshire to collect some computer equipment from Chesterfield Royal Hospital. The load was delivered to our client back down south in Lancing.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital is recovering from a serious fire, involving over 60 fire-fighters, after a fridge in the hospital newsagents, near the entrance, sparked the blaze back in June.  No-one was injured and the hospital is now beginning the refit of the main entrance.

Chesterfield is perhaps best known for the “Crooked Spire” of its Church of Saint Mary and All Saints and is why the local football team is known as The Spireites.

The spire is both twisted and leaning, twisting 45 degrees and leaning 9 feet 6 inches (2.90 m) from its true centre. The leaning characteristic has been attributed to various causes, including the absence of skilled craftsmen due to the Black Death, the use of unseasoned timber, and insufficient cross-bracing. According to the curators of Chesterfield Museum, it is now believed that the bend began when the original wooden roof tiles were replaced by heavier slate and lead. The bend in the spire (the twist being deliberate) follows the direction of the sun and has been caused by heat expansion and a weight it was never designed for. The spire is not attached to the church building but is kept on by its own weight!

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