Backload HIAB delivery to Ashington in West Sussex, home of Military Dog Trainer!

Sussex Transport can often offer greatly reduced haulage costs for backloads which fit in with their delivery schedules.

Last week we made a delivery of building materials, on one of our HIAB vehicles from Littlehampton to Ashington in West Sussex. Having already made a delivery to neighbouring Arundel,  for another client, we were able to offer our Littlehampton client a significantly reduced price to make an onward journey.

Ashington is home to Sue Roberts…who assists with training search and rescue dogs for the military.

With roadside bombs remaining one of the greatest threats to troops in Afghanistan, search dogs are a vital asset for coalition forces. After proving such a success, around 100 military working dogs are now deployed in Helmand Province – and are based at kennels in Camp Bastion, then deployed out to forward operating bases and patrol bases.

Tasks range from sniffing out IEDs to protection dogs – they are also used to check every single vehicle that goes into Camp Bastion, searching up to 1,000 each month.

Military dog training

Normally handled by Royal Army Veterinary Corps and Royal Air Force Police, the task has now been taken over by Military Working Dog Squadron.

Warrant Officer Second Class Sue Roberts (from Ashington), said: “We have dogs that search and dogs that will protect. These dogs are very much sought-after by the commanders on the ground for their search capability.”

Training starts months before dogs are deployed – then they are given time to acclimatise to the harsh conditions in Afghanistan.

“Some adapt better than others – just like humans, some adapt to the conditions out here better than others, and it’s the same for the dogs.” She said.

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